Interview with Prof Adrian Egli

Professor Adrian Egli from University Hospital Basel, conference chair, explains why he organized the conference and why and how digitalization can play an important role in infectious diseases in the near future.

Katrin Crameri, Director Personalized Health Informatics, SIB

Title: Next steps for nationwide data networks

Prof Ernst Hafen, Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, ETH Zurich

Title: What is a good control group? - The most efficient way of using personal data is to give control to the individual

Prof Carolina Garcia-Vidal, Infectious Diseases Department, Hospital Clinic - Facultat de Medicina, Barcelona

Title: Artificial intelligence to improve empiric antibiotic treatment

Prof Adrian Egli, Head Clinical Bacteriology & Mycology, University Hospital Basel

Title: Opportunities of digitalization and machine learning in clinics

Prof J. Janne Vehreschild, Klinik Für Innere Medizin, Köln

Title: Challenges and risks of digitalization and machine learning in clinics

Kristina Keitel, Scientific Project Leader, STPH - Pediatric Emergency Medicine Attending, Inselspital Bern

Title: Digital tools for diagnosis of infections in low-income settings

Prof Valérie D'Acremont, Centre for primary care and public health, UNIL, and STPH, UNIBAS

Title: Challenges in developing, validating and implementing clinical decision support algorithms

Prof Jean-Pierre Hubaux, Laboratory for Data Security, EPFL

Title: Privacy-Conscious Data Sharing Data: Computing on Data without Moving Them

Dr Kenneth P. Smith, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School,United States of America

Title: Incorporating AI into Clinical Practice: Opportunities and Challenges

Prof Jason Yang, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, United States of America

Title: White-Box Machine Learning Insights into Antibiotic Lethality

Dr Sebastian Dümcke, Clemedi and University of Zurich

Title: Tuberculini: combining targeted sequencing and machine learning to optimize antibiotic therapy for tuberculosis patients

Mr Matthijs S. Berends, University of Groningen and Certe Medical Diagnostics and Advice, Netherlands

Title: Rapid & Reproducible Resistance Analysis for All – The AMR Package for R

Dr Rigveda Kadam, Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics, Switzerland

Title: Implementation of digital solutions in low, middle income countries

Prof Karsten Borgwardt, ETH Zurich and SIB, Switzerland

Title: Machine Learning in Medicine - Early Recognition of Sepsis

Prof Ryan Kindle, MIT Laboratory for Computational Physiology and MGH/BIDMC/Harvard PCCM Program, United States of America

Title: Sharing is Caring: Moving Toward a Global Database for Critical Care

Prof Susanne Driessen, President swissethics

Title: Ethical and legal challenges of artificial intelligence and big data

Ms Marie-Valentine Florin, Executive director of the International Risk Governance Center

Title: Social impact and risk governance of machine learning in the context of infectious diseases

Prof Christian Johner, Johner Institute

Title: AI: Regulatory requirements

Prof Richard Neher, Biozentrum & SIB, University of Basel

Title: Using open data to track and predict infectious disease